Popular science papers and expert commentaries from newspapers and magazines

1. “Depression – a Disease of the XXI Century?” Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, 4, 2009, 45-60.
2. “Definition of ‘Normal’ in Psychiatry, Psychology and Everyday Life.” Healthnews, February 09, 2009.
3. “Phobias.” Healthnews, September 17, 2008.
4. “Cruel and Violent Methods of Treatment in the History of Psychiatry.” Healthnews, October 15, 2008.
5. “I’m feeling in under my skin. Life with a Disability: a Psychotherapeutic View.” Cosmopolitan Russia, 03, 2013.
6. “Psychology and Psychiatry: The Active Dictionary of Modern People.” Cosmopolitan Russia, 05, 2013.
7. “The Lizard Woman”. Huffington Post, Oct 27, 2015

Papers, abstracts and conferences

8. Tkachev S., Sigitova E., Mitrofanova E., Durymanov A., Shestopalov A.: “Newly Isolated Mink Parvovirus Strain.” Vopr Virusol. 2002 Mar-Apr;47(2):35-9. PMID: 12046466
9. Sigitova E., Shaidukova L.: “Comparative Analysis of the Addiction Structure in Drug Addicts and Internet Addicts.” Materials of the young scientists conference, 2003. Kazan State Medical University, 264 – 266.
10. Sigitova E.: “Social Adaptation of Internet Addicts.” Materials of the international scientific and practical conference. Yekaterinburg, Ural State University im. A.M. Gorky, September 26-28, 2004, 246 – 247.
11. Sigitova E.: “Professional Deformation of a Nurse Personality in a Psychiatric Clinic.” “Social sciences: experience and questions of social professions specialists education”, VI International Russian scientific and practical conference, Yekaterinburg, April 11-12, 2006, 356 – 357.
12. Sigitova E.: “Communicative Acts of Internet Addicts.” Materials of the regional conference “Culture of the World and Youth in the Light of XXI Century Challenges,” Kazan, New Knowledge Inc., 2007, 178-179.
13. Sigitova E., Karpov A.: “General Anesthesia and its Impact on Patient’s Mental Health.” Materials of the V Russian conference of young scientists (medicine), 25-26.02.2011. Voronezh State Medical Academy, 2011, 299-301.

Preprints / Other

14. Sigitova E.: “Clinical Practice: a Case of Epilepsy.” Presentation at psychiatrists’ monthly meeting in December 2006, State Psychiatric Clinic, Kazan, Russia.

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