Recently I’ve run a volunteer project “A recipe for happiness: accept yourself three times per day”. Together with 15 volunteers we create content which can help different people to make their life easier and to live in harmony: those who suffer from mental diseases and trauma, homosexual people, abuse survivors, people with special needs, etc.

An example for this type of content can be found here: Infographics for people in crisis.

We have big plans for the future! But I’m still in a huge need for more volunteers. If you want to join the team, please download this Volunteer Questionnaire and send it to my email: info (at) Thank you for the cooperation! I will get back to you soon.

In order to receive notifications about the new content, please enter your email and hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

Stay tuned!

For those who want to support the project: you can make a PayPal donation here. Donated money are spent on images and cliparts, equipment for making videos, layouts, translations and other things we can’t do ourselves.

Thank you so much for your help!

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