Catherine Sigit

I was born in Russia and attended a school with a focus on languages in Kazan, a bicultural city in the Volga region. We had English as the primary foreign language, German as the secondary, and Tatar (a language from the Turkish group), as the third.

I have been interested in psychiatry since I was 18, when I began reading Freud. I spent six years completing my medical education at Kazan State Medical University. At the University, I was fortunate enough to join the group of students deemed to have a high potential for research work. We had the best teachers in the course, four extra hours of English per week, peer medical conversations in English and courses in advanced medical statistics. During my studies, I was awarded second place for best presentation on “Comparative Analysis of Addiction Structure in Drug Addicts and Internet Addicts” in 2003. I also won the award for the best presentation on the topic of “Social Adaptation of Internet Addicts” in 2004. I received my Bachelors degree with honors in 2004.

I immediately began a two-year residency at the State Psychiatric Clinic, and completed it by receiving a Doctor of Medicine degree in Psychiatry in 2006. I then joined an outpatient clinic as a part-time doctor, working there for five years with a diverse patient population, as part of a multidisciplinary team. At the same time, I started teaching Psychiatry to General Practician post-graduates at the General Practice Department of my medical University. My daughter was born in 2007, and I was lucky to have an easy enough child to be able to continue my part-time jobs without any maternity leave.

I also had the privilege of working on clinical research with my great colleagues in the General Practice Department. I participated in three studies: “Mental Health in Patients with Internal Diseases,” an observational cross-sectional study (2006-2012), “Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure,” a double-blind randomized trial (2008-2013) and “Treatment of Lupus Nephritis,” a double-blind randomized trial (2011-2013).

In order to improve my professional skills, I completed an internship in internal medicine in 2011 as part of my continuing education, and received another Doctor of Medicine degree in Internal Medicine in 2012. I also completed advanced training in Addiction Medicine in 2012. In the same year, I entered a 3-year course in Psychotherapy at the Moscow Gestalt Institute and completed it in 2015. Although my career has been successful, I have occasionally felt some scarcity of progress, even though my professional skills were more than satisfactory. Thus, in 2013 I entered a Ph.D. program at 1st Medical Faculty in the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic.

* * *

Ah, I am done with the official part. Now let me tell you something important. I am a disabled person. I have got ichthyosis, a rare skin condition. It affected my life a lot and it led me to the choice of a helping profession. As a psychotherapist, I believe that my unique experience has been a key which has opened many important doors for me. And because of this, it is my desire to help others to open their own doors. Welcome!

I haven’t got any social media profiles but there is an official Facebook page. Click on the link to follow – Catherine Sigit Official

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